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The code set expanded from five positions to seven positions. ICD-10 code uses alphanumeric characters in all positions except the first position. The new code set offer significant increase in reporting and terminology has been made consistent in the code set. There are codes which are a combination of symptoms and diagnoses, therefore fewer codes have to be reported to describe a condition fully.
The most significant concern in the ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition is that there is no translation or simple mapping from former to latter. There are many-to-many, many-to-one, one-to-many or no correspondence. The ICD-10 code set can be used to report strategies on inpatient hospital claims. Some other code sets can be used to report procedures for other kinds of claims.
ACP BILLING HANDLES SOFT COLLECTIONS A “ONE STOP SOLUTION” FOR YOUR NEED: Our goal is simple, we want to meet your practice management needs in the best way possible. Our vision is to maintain customer retention that is a key to any business success! We take the headache out of collection by doing it right the first time.
"One Stop Solution at ACP Billing” Soft Collection Services at ACP billing: We are glad to inform that we have launched the Soft Collection Services at ACP Billing. Having Trouble in collecting your Patient’s outstanding arrears? Don’t worry we are here to clean up all the patient's outstanding arrears. Subscribe to our "ACP Soft Collection Services” & win a One Month Pilot Program
Automatic Claims Processing Inc,Billing has launched our New-Look Website, making it easier than ever for you to find the information you need - fast.

About Automatic Claims Processing Inc.

ACP Billing is a medical billing and coding services company in Southern California focused on helping providers get paid accurately and on time. We are a Medical Billing Services company with over 40 years combined Medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurance experience.
Automatic Claims Processing makes Medical billing and coding services play a significant role for all health care and medical services and lucrative revenue management. Submitting error free claims and the bills will assure an increase in cash flow for the practices concerned. In order to favor various health care services, a number of prestigious medical billing outsourcing companies in the United States offer systematic billing and coding solutions. The well-organized billing and coding services gives better results to medical healthcare practices and physicians.
It is necessary to carry out medical billing and coding services with accuracy, since denial or rejection of the claims depends upon data inaccuracies and significant coding errors.

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